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How Does Violet Glass Work?

What make Violet Glass different from clear and other coloured glasses is the way it allows some parts of the light spectrum to penetrate, whilst reflecting other areas of the spectrum.

The sun emits a range of wavelengths of light, some of which are visible to the naked eye, and some invisible. The is called the light spectrum. The visible part of the spectrum can be discerned through a glass prism, or when viewing a rainbow, which acts as a natural prism. There are also invisible parts of the spectrum, including infra-red and UV-A.

Plants require different wavelengths of sunlight in order to grow effectively. Once mature however, some parts of the light spectrum accelerate decay at the molecular level, causing detoriation in the physical health of the plant. Miron Violet Glass inhibits this decay by effectively filtering the light, allowing through only beneficial wavelengths of light, whilst blocking harmful wavelengths. Specifically Violet Glass transmits the violet part of the spectrum, which is visible, and infra-red and UV-A, which is invisible.

Other coloured glass blocks parts of the spectrum that are beneficial to sensitive living biota, or allows light to penetrate that is detrimental. Clear glass, for example, allows through all parts of the spectrum, accelerating molecular decay. Brown glass blocks UV-A light, but transmits all parts of the visible spectrum, and infra-red light. Violet glass is the only glass that blocks harmful light, and allows transmission of beneficial light.

The graphic below shows various colours of glass, and the wavelengths of light blocked and transmitted by these coloured glasses.


Violet Glass Spectrum



Violet Glass Spectrum 3


The unique characteristics of Violet Glass make it invaluable for the storage and preservation of sensitive living flora and fungi, preserving potency, colour and nutrition.

For more information on tests comparing Miron Violet Glass with other coloured glass, please see our pages on Biophotonics and Food Packaging.

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