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Food Packaging

Miron violet glass's powers of preservation mean it is ideal for the storage of all natural products, especially food and food supplements. It has been extensively tested and proven to protect the innate characteristics of life including plants, algae and fungi by shielding it from the harmful effects of light. Detioration in the potency, smell and taste of substances stored in Miron violet glass is slowed, showing results that are both visible and testable.

Below are photos of tests comparing the storage of foodstuffs in violet glass compared with clear glass and brown coloured glass.


Violet Glass Example 1


The photograph above shows a comparison between chives stored in violet glass, brown coloured glass and clear glass over the course of 2 months. The jars were exposed to light for a few hours each day, and the photographs above taken at the end of the 2 month experiment. The chives stored in the clear glass jar have bleached in colour, exhibiting the detoriation in quality caused by the sunlight. The chives stored in the brown glass jar have also lost their vibrant green colour, less so than the chives in the clear jar, but still visibly less green that the chives stored in the Miron violet glass jar, which retains its bright green appearance.

Tests on smell were also conducted, using blind testing with volunteers, with the chives stored in Miron violet glass smelling strongest after 2 months, followed by the brown glass and then the clear glass.


Tomato Test Violet Glass


This test was performed on a cherry tomato stored in violet glass and clear glass for a period of 7 months. The jars were stored at room temperature and expose to indirect sunlight. The photographs above were taken after 7 months, and clearly show the great difference in quality between the tomato stored in Miron violet glass and that stored in clear glass. The tomato from the clear glass jar has lost colour and is both dry and mouldy. The tomato from the violet glass jar has retained it's natural colour and integrity, looking very much as it did when fresh.

Similar experiments have been conducted with other foods including drinking water, rose water, fruit, cereals, honey, olive oil, almond oil and spirulina algae. These all show a marked difference in preservation between substances stored within Miron violet glass and in other coloured glass. 

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