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Miron violet glass from is perfectly designed for the storage and presentation of cosmetic products, preserving the bio-energy of the contents by protecting it from the harmful effects of light.

Available in a huge range of shapes and sizes of jar and bottle, with accessories including lids, pipettes and seals, and caps including droppers, pourers, roll-ons, spray caps and pump caps, you can be assured that we have the ideal product for your needs. All items are made in the EU to the highest quality standards. Violet glass combines scientific technology with aestethic beauty, to ensure your cosmetic products reach the customer in perfect condition, and maintain that quality over time.

Violet glass jars and bottles are suitable for use with every cosmetic product imaginable, from face, hand and body lotions, to hair wax, to deodorant, to foundation, from shaving cream, to perfume, to anti-aging creams. Using Miron violet glass to package your cosmetic products preserves its integrity, ensuring customer satisfaction to the very last drop.

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