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About Violet GlassWare is the home of biophotonic glass products online.

We stock a full range of violet glassware bottles, jars, bowls and dishes for the protection and preservation of all manner of biological, medical, cosmetic and food products.

Based in the UK, we ship worldwide, and sell in all quantities, from single products up to several pallets.

Our glassware protects and preserves natural potency, strenght and taste by blocking the harmful light rays that degrade biological molecules, ensuring freshness and vitality and prolonging the shelf life of the contents.

As well as being functional, violet glassware is attractive and high quality, giving a premium appearance and feel to products stored and presented inside.

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violetglassware-shop-logo Click on our picture to contact us. We are a business providing quality Violet GlassWare products to customers across the globe.

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